4 First Date Outfits That Will Get You a Second!

The spontaneous first date you weren’t expecting. Frantically you run to your closet trying to rack  your brain on what to wear. You don’t want to look too sexy, or understated.  Heels, flats, dresses or slacks? Frustrated you turn your closet into a battleground of fashion and good intentions. Where do you turn? Have no fear! Curvaceous Lush has got you covered with 4 first date worthy outfits guaranteed to get you a second!


The Coffee Date. Keep it simple and casual.Wear a pair of light washed denim jeans with a simple nude flat. A nice cardigan with a fitted tee underneath, so that way if you decide to take the sweater off, you still have a great outfit. Keep the eyes clean with feathery eyelashes and pop on a pink lip gloss with a slight touch of gold for the perfect pucker. The key for the coffee date is to look simple but put together allowing your natural beauty to shine through.

The Coffee Date



The Movie Date. Trouser jeans are your best friend. They are tailored to compliment your curves in all the right places. Wear the them in a dark wash to appear just a little bit more than casual. Wear a stylish top that has a pop of color and that’s comfortable (you’re watching a movie…relax). Try and keep your accessories to a minimum, just in case you get a little close during the movie you wouldn’t want him to get tangled in your plethora of necklaces. Try a pinky coral or raspberry on the lips. Keeps the eyes simple and waterproof, so if you happen to shed a tear during an emotional scene you won’t have a black eye and scare him away too soon.

The movie date



The Happy Hour Date.  This is the date to play with color. It’s happy hour, it’s the end of the workday so everyone is happy. You don’t want to have a cocktail in hand looking drab. Have fun in a playful casual dress with lots of color that’s paired with a cute wedge heel. Try playing around with prints and patterns. I love mixing bright colors with monochrome prints. The key for the happy hour date is to be bright, fun and flirty….just like your favorite cocktail.

The Happy Hour Date


The Dinner  Date. Going out to dinner? Be  ready by 7? WAIT! What type of restaurant are you going to? Honey, it’s black and white. No, but seriously, pull that black dress out of your closet. Pick the dress that compliments your silhouette, gives you a narrow waistline and flares out slightly from the hips. This will give you the ultimate combination of elegant and sexy. Pair with heels to elongate your legs. Spice it up with a red clutch and red lip! The key to rocking the red lip is to make it a stain, that way it will  last no matter how many courses there may or may not be.

The Dinner Date

Don’t let the first date get you in a tizzy! Follow this guide to make it a lot easier when deciding what to wear. Remember, just be yourself…let your clothes compliment your personality.  INDULGE!



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