Style Files: 5 things You Need in Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring, will you ever get here? I’ve been asking myself that question for the past couple of weeks. With spring on it’s way (hopefully) here’s my list of 5 things that you’ve got to add to your Spring wardrobe.

Custom Plus TeeA Custom Plus Tee: Highly original. 100% curvy. Purchase one custom plus tee and you’ll want 20 more.Hook, line and sinker… I’m in love! Definitely a must addition to your wardrobe!


Denim Dress: Style is causally with a cardiganManon Baptiste Denim Dress and wedges. Or dress it up with a blazer. Either way you can never go wrong with a denim dress. I love this one from  Navabi from designer Manon Baptiste. It’s simple. It’s chic. It’s denim.


Tailored Blazer: What would my life be like if I couldn’t throw on a fabulous blazer every now and again? I have a blazer for just about every occasion, but Mynt 1792 Alain Blazertook my time to find the perfect Spring one. Something lightweight, tailored, and of course fab. I went with the MYNT 1792 blazer. The black and white color scheme is simply classic.

Cutout Oxfords: I have a shoe addiction and one of my favorite style of shoes happen to be the oxford. This season I have  been seeing a different version to the classic shoe, the cut out oxford. Super modern Cutout Oxfordand fashion forward. I already have a couple of pairs in my shoe collection. These super affordable ones are from Forever 21. Whoever came up with the concept of  the cutout oxford, I LOVE YOU!


Alex and Ani’s: Be positively fashionable with these adorable bangles. I’m obsessed with them, and have started a nice little collection.  There’s a different bangle for just about everything occasion. Super personable and trendy, chose your style and your finish. You can get juAlex and Ani st one!


Come on Mother Nature give us abreak already! I’ve got clothes I want to wear! INDULGE!


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