Curvy Lifestyle. Staying Healthy.

I’m not going to lie, for the longest time I was intimidated to go to a gym. All of the equipment, all the people. YIKES!  But even more so, I was intimidated by what people would think. I mean come on, I have hips and thighs and everything else and being in the atmosphere where I could be quickly judged scared me. I have never been what people would call “skinny” but staying active was important to me. Determined to face my fears, I decided to step into that fitness club curvy and proud!  Staying healthy shouldn’t be about the next big diet craze to lose an insane amount of weight fast. Staying healthy should be about continually making choices that benefit you the most. Eating healthy and staying active can be apart of any lifestyle no matter if you’re curvy or not. When I came across Body Exchange, I was more than ecstatic! Body Exchange is Vancouver’s only fitness center in Canada catering  to plus size clientele. Their misson is to “lead the plus size community to excel in health and fitness through “Fearless Fitness” at any size.”. Everyone feels a little bit more comfortable when surrounded around people they can relate to. It creates the feeling of a community, but even more than that they promote a healthy lifestyle. So even if you don’ t have a gym like Body Exchange, you can live a healthy lifestyle by doing simple things like walking, going to your favorite dance class, and countless of other activities. Honor your curves by living a healthy lifestyle. INDULGE!

Honor your curves by living a healthy lifestyle.

Honor your curves by living a healthy lifestyle.




  1. Erin

    It’s so funny. I could never bring myself to go to the gym when my main goal was to lose weight, because I was too scared of failing and of the judgement of all the other gym goers. Once I decided that I didn’t care if I lost weight or not and that I just wanted to get healthy, I had no problem going at all.

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