First Date Makeup Look!

First date? What do I do with my makeup? Have no fear, I’ve you covered! My lovely model Anita was going on a date so I figured I could show her a quick and easy makeup look. The key for the first date makeup is to look  fresh, clean, and bright!

First, of course I prepped her skin with skincare. I then evened out her skin using the new Long Wear Compact foundation from Bobbi Brown. This foundation is perfect if you want to look put together. If you use this foundation with a stippling brush, like brush #187 from MAC, you get the perfect amount of coverage and the finish looks almost airbrushed.  I kept the eyes simple and defined with the Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Rosegold all over the lid and then lined her eyes using the Caviar Liner in Noir. Added warmth and glow to her complexion using Zen and Satellite Love from Nars.  To brighten her up, I used Laura Mercier’s Fresh Raspberry for a pop of color on the lips and cheeks.

Most women think that they should pile makeup on to hide “imperfections”, but honey to be honest most guys don’t even notice those imperfections ,and also aren’t very fond of a bunch of makeup; aka cake face. So think twice before piling on the layers. By keeping y0ur makeup fresh, clean, and bright allows your date to be focused on the best aspect…your personality! INDULGE!


First Date Makeup        First Date Makeup


Thanks Anita for being my model! Hope your date went well! 🙂


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