Get the Look: Linear

Liner looks are trending now more than ever. The makeup looks that you can create with a single eyeliner are crazy! Wanna get the liner look but have no clue where to start? Have no fear Curvaceous Lush has got you covered! 

Things you’ll need:

  • Primer
  • Liner of choice
  • Precise eyeliner brush
  • Mascara 

Step One: Prep your Lid 

 Make sure you prime to entire lid! From brow bone to lash line. You may also choose to add definition to the crease during this step, it’s up to you.  *Favorite Primers: NARS pro prime and Trish McEvoy eye base essentials*

Step Two: Tighline

Now I personally like to do this step before putting any liner of the top of the lid. Since right lining requires that you are putting water on the top water line, things can get a little tricky, and it’s best to get that out of the way first. Tight lining is key aspect in the linear look so that you don’t have a gap between your lashes and lid. *Favorite Tightline: Laura Mercier Tightline cake eyeliner*

Step Three: Get to Lining! 

Whether it’s wing or a double wing. Map out your liner look and have fun! *Check below to see my favorite eyeliners*

Step Four: Add Mascara

Nothing finishes off a liner look like lots of mascara! More that one coat is best! *Favorite Mascara: Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara*

Trending Eyeliner Looks:

Colored Wing Eyeliner   

Double Eyeliner  

“Cat Eye” or Winged Eyeliner


My Favorite Eyeliners



Have fun and make sure to show me your eyeliner looks! Tag or hashtag @curvaceouslush! #indulge


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