I Spy Something Striped

One of the hottest trends for Spring 2013 are stripes.  Ok seriously? How do curvy girls pull off this look? Vertical StripesWe tend to stay away from stripes because they make us look wider and curvier and not in a good way. Have no fear Curvaceous Lush has got your covered with a couple of ways to pull off stripes in a fashionable curvy girl way!

1. Vertical stripes! You definitely want vertical stripes. They will elongate your body complimenting your curves  instead of making you look wider. If you choose horizontal stripes, thinner and colorful stripes tend to work best.

2. Choose a statement piece. Honey, no one says you gotta rock an entire Choose a Statement Pieceoutfit of stripes. Choose a statement piece and pair it with other pieces to make a complete look. I love paring black and white stripes with bright jeans or blazers. If you’re wearing a dress break up the stripes by throwing on a thin belt around the waist.

3. Thin Stripes! The bigger the stripe the bigger you look the slimmer the stripe the slimmer you look. So stay away from big chunky stripes!!!! Be warned!!

4. The perfect fit. Choose striped clothing that flow away from the body. If the pieces are a little more form fitting and striped there’s too much going on, and you risk the chance of revealing those areas you try so hard to hide.Have fun!

5. Have fun! Remember, clothes compliment your personality. So mix it up and have fun!




Check out all of my favorite striped pieces here!

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