It’s here 1.23.13!


My curves have defined me my entire life, so I have experienced first hand the turmoil of trying to find fashionable clothing in my size. It’s almost like once you get past a size 16 fashionable clothes just get harder to come by. When you find clothing in your size they’re not fashionable, and when you find ballerinafashionable clothes they’re not in your size! Did you know that in the U.S 6 out of 10 women are a size 14 and above, but most mass retailers stop at a size 12? So what’s a curvy girl supposed to do?

I have spent my life trying to find the balance between fashion and curves. I know that I wasn’t the only girl out there looking at the runway shows, thinking “I can rock that outfit in a size 18!” So I set out on a mission to find clothing and designers around the world that catered to the modern, fashionable, curvaceous woman. I wanted to be the ultimate resource for curvy women to find what they’ve been looking for, a place to indulge in fashionable clothing in their size, and I’m not talking about the tiny “plus size” section in the back of the store! bday2

My dream is coming alive with the launching of Curvaceous Lush! From clothes, shoes and accessories, I am going to stylize the modern curvaceous woman. Showcasing the unique fashion-forward designs that I searched around the world for. Our curves are unique and so should our clothes!


Jasmine Reeder

  1. Jessica

    Love you! I’m so proud of you! You are an inspiration to curvy women everywhere! Also, proof that you can follow your dreams! I’m here in Richmond cheering you on! So excited for you!

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