My Favorite Things 2015 #5

#5 Diptyque Candle Rosafolia

There are candles and then there are Diptyque candles. No candle has yet to compare to its signature quality, design and uniqueness. In 1961, three friends decided to open up a boutique in Paris, and they have been in business ever since. Every year Diptyque debuts a limited edition candle. This year’s scent Rosafolia, is diffused with the heart of Turkish rose and a hint of geranium. I’m in love!! It’s rose with a modern twist! Transports me to Paris is the springtime. Taking care of your candle is key, make sure to trim the wick after every use. Don’t throw away the glass holder after you finish burning your candle! Reuse them for makeup brushes or pens. Diptyque , you’ve stolen my heart. #indulge


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