Beautiful.Bronze.Glow: Perfect Your Glow Technique

We all know that you can have a great makeup product, but if you don’t know how to apply it properly it’s not reaching it’s full potential. What brush do I use? Where do place the product? How much is to much? Are all valid questions. So I sat down with local makeup artist Israel Platero to get the tips and tricks on perfecting your glow technique. If anyone knows technique it’s him, and here’s the advice he had to offer:

Step 1: Use a mild glycolic peel to dewinterize your skin and to sloth away dry flaky skin. Your technique will work best on clean fresh skin.

Bronzing Techniue

Place bronzer where the Sun would normally hit

Step 2: Choose a bronzer that is a couple of shades darker than your skin tone. Using a natural powder brush, place the bronzer where the sun would normally hit you face, i.e your forehead and cheeks. Place the product with one side of the brush and blend with the other side. Israel’s favorite bronzers are Dune Bronze and Golden Bronze from Laura Mercier, and Laguna from Nars.

Step 3: To enhance the bronzing effect use a bright sheer blush in a soft manner. Don’t be  afraid of color! If you use it with a fluffy brush like the Laura Mercier finishing brush it will make mastering your technique a lot easier.

Bright cheeks enhance your glow

Bright cheeks enhance your glow

Place the blush right on the apples of your cheek and blend into your bronzer so it looks fluid, no choppy lines. Israel’s favorite blushes are Desire from Nars and Lotus Pink from Laura Mercier

Step 4: Complete  you look by highlighting. Creme highlighters are the best to use because they mimic the skin and glide on for easy application.

Creme highlighter work the best

Creme highlighters work the best

Place on the high planes of the face, i.e cheekbones and bridge of  your nose. For darker skin use a golden shade and for fair skin use a pink shade. Israel’s favorites are Copacabana from Nars and the Laura Mercier  Body Bronzing makeup.

So it’s that easy, four simple steps to get your skin glowing! Now that Israel has given you all the advice you need on perfecting your technique, get your glow on girl! INDULGE!

Finished Look with makeup artist Israel Platero

Finished Look with makeup artist Israel Platero

Much love and thanks to Israel Platero, you are an amazing, very talented makeup artist!

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