Style Files: Red Isn’t Just For Lipstick

Red happens to be one of my favorite shades. Red stands out, red pops, red is fun! ┬áDare to wear red? Curvaceous Lush recently styled my beautiful model Vanessa in a red inspired look book, that will have all my curvy fashionistas wearing a pop of red this season. Red, it’s not just for lipstick! #indulge

Curvaceous Lush’s Tips For Wearing Red

Make a Statement: For the first look I choose a red tulle skirt from Pop Up Plus Online. I paired it with a sexy plunge top. This is a statement look. For a night out on the own when you want to make an entrance and fashion statement. Pair it with a sexy wedge heel, and work it girl!

Make it Fun: For this casual flirty look, I played with prints. I made this look fun by pairing the tulle skirt with a graphic tee and polka dot canvas shoes. Make this look easy to wear and most importantly fun!

Keep it Simple: Try pairing your red statement piece with just a simple top. For this look, I paired it with a simple black cami. By keeping everything else subtle allows the red to to stand out and you don’t feel overdone. Sometimes simple is better.

Make it Pop: For this look I styled My model in a red dress, the entire look was red, but guess what? It worked! It’s ok to style an outfit with all one color! Red pops! Just rock it out and go with it! #indulge


Shout out to my awesome team!! Photographer: Xang Ho Stylist: Jasmine Reeder. Makeup Artist: Michanna Murphy. Model: Vanessa Vargas. Nail Technician/Style Assistant: Cindy Alvarez

You guys rock! Much love xoxo

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