Spring Trend: Urban Tribe

Legend has it that a tribe of only women roamed The Amazon. Fearless, they protected themselves and created a community of powerful women. Some say the tribe never existed, some believe it was all a myth….Or was it? Living in the heart of the city a tribe of fashionistas roam our streets. They are strong, seductive, and bold with fashion. Curvaceous Lush presents Urban Tribe, a fashion theme of bold colors and prints that every curvy woman can wear! Join the Tribe! INDULGE
Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe Complete 2 from Curvaceous Lush on Vimeo.



*A Special Thanks To*

Photographers: Antonio Rocha and Johannes Markus

Makeup Artist: Israel Platero, Jasmine Mohammed, and Sissy Blickenstaff

Hair Stylist: Nadia Balgobin

Models: Anahita Sarshar, Samantha Lebbie, and Vanessa Vargas

Photo Shoot Assistant: America Paredes

Studio: Union 206 Studios

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